On My Own Time Art Show Year 3

I am happy to announce that for the third year in a row, I scored first place prizes in the Ben E. Keith On My Own Time art show (my husband's company). My winning pieces were...

My beloved 2109 Meadow Lane reclaimed art piece (first place in mixed media)

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And one of my Kitsy Co pieces, Chirp! Chirp! (first place in works on canvas)

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The bird art is for sell in my etsy shop, kitsyco.com, but the Texas piece is all. mine.

To tell a little secret, they stuck me in the professional category this year since I technically sell art, so my competition was thin, and I kind of won by default. A win is a win though, right?

Thank you to Ben E. Keith and the North Texas Business Council for the Arts for hosting such a fun competition, and thank you to North Park Mall for allowing the winners to display in the mall for a few weeks.

To learn more about the On My Own Time program, click here. To see my previous year results, click here for my 2012 win and here for my 2011 win(s).

As always, can't wait till next year.



Don't forget to visit my shop, Kitsy Co!

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  1. So proud of you Kendra! I knew you could go far. Keep up the great work!


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