Kapavik Family Christmas Reunion

My MeMaw is one of seven, and that equals a lot of family. To keep in touch and catch up with everyone, we do an annual Kapavik Christmas Family Reunion at the local KJT hall. We've been doing this for as long as I can remember.

This year it was my MeMaw's side of the family in charge. We dressed the hall with traditional Christmas decor. The kids crafted away on holiday projects. We played fun games. We feasted on tons of holiday and Czech food, and Santa even brought presents for the kids.

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Also, since our family was hosting, I thought it'd be awesome to create a family tree. We gathered pictures of every family, I compiled them all into a PowerPoint, and we hung them on the wall for display.

It was pretty cool for everyone to browse the tree and figure out who was who and who belongs to who. There are lots of faces and names, and it can get confusing quickly. Now that we have the PowerPoint, we can share it with all (yes, still need to do that) for referencing, printing, updating or anything of the like, and we'll have it for many years to come.

Family time is definitely the best time about the holidays!

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