Addition to the Family

No, we're not pregnant. We got a dog!

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A cute little Boston Terrier named Mickie. After tragically losing our sweet Toby in August, this little guy is exactly what we needed to fill the void... well, maybe only a fraction of the void if counting in pounds.

He's just so cute, and at the moment, yes, I'm one of those gushing dog moms. How can I not be with this little snugly thing?

He loves to sleep in any nook and cranny he can find, and he has no desire to be alone. We tried to make him sleep on a comforter in a big box the first night, since we didn't have a crate, but after quickly learning to jump out, I caved and let him sleep with us for a few days... until he peed in the bed... twice. We also tried rigging the box for him while we went out one night, but that wasn't much better. We came home to this.

The last step was making him sleep in an actual crate. The first evening in there he cried and yelped all. night. long. Add that to list of all the other puppy mishaps we had over the weekend, and you'll get one interesting first week with little Mickie.

However, I can definitely see improvement in all areas, and we could not be happier to have him around. Plus, like I said, he's just so darn cute!

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