We Bought a House... Again

Surprise! We bought a house... like 6 months ago... in the land we love, Austin. That may be a partial reason why I have really fallen off the radar this time. And as I've debated announcing an official blogging hiatus (just too many irons in the fire), I realized I'd at least like to share our decision to buy a house... again.

In the crazy Austin market, (wipe sweat off forehead) we did it... on a whim. Actually, I like to call it more of a "strategically spontaneous" decision. We had been stalking the market since the day we moved back to Austin, but the plan was to wait two years before we returned to home ownership, and, well, 13 months later we had an offer accepted on a house.

It all happened fast, like so fast that the night we put in an offer I went to bed praying it wouldn't work out. Naturally I had a change of heart later, but prior to that I was legitimately scared of change and that we were getting in over our heads. Planner me just wasn't ready for that.

Rewind. I found a house on Zillow that was in the neighborhood we wanted to be in (with good schools), had tons of future potential (like we wouldn't have to be moving in five years), met all of our qualifications + some, and just overall seemed to be good investment. It had been on the market 6 days, which terrified us a little based on the swift housing market at the time, but we went for it anyway. Actually, while at a friend's wedding we put in an offer via text with a big fat "YOLO" attached. 1 house - 1 offer - done. And now we have The YOLO House.

And now hopefully I can break my record of longest time to live in a house ever - 5 years. #sickofmoving #alldayerrday

Oh, but one note, it needs some remodeling, like everywhere...

Yeaahhh, about that... we totally said we were over remodeling. The Grand Prairie house wore. us. out. But clearly we couldn't resist. We know how much potential there is in a home if you're willing to get your hands a little dirty, so we chose square footage over updates. Plus, I think we're (not so) secretly remodelaholics. We also learned a lot from remodel round 1, like yay/nay/no way, so we're setting more realistic expectations this time. It's worked so far... kind of. We did as much as we could the month before we actually moved in (paint, floors, scraped ceilings), and honestly we haven't had much time to devote to it since. But we're past summer, starting to get antsy and our schedules are clearing a little, so hopefully we'll be making some major progress soon.

Hands in the air, here we go again! YOLO!



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    1. It's actually Brandi Farmer.. just an old Google acct ;)

    2. It's actually Brandi Farmer.. just an old Google acct ;)


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