Are the Walls Gray, Purple or Blue and Black?

***Disclaimer: This blog post was written in April. We've come a long way, but I'm still a little bit scarred by the color of our walls, no matter how gray, purple or black and blue they are.

Ahhhhhhh, my paint savvy self (or so I thought) is totally dying about our wall colors, and not necessarily in a good way. I wanted greige walls - gray + beige mixed. Aka, a warm gray, not with blue, or purple, undertones. So we have this.

Not so bad, right? Well the color might as well be labeled blue and black because in our lovely lighting the Easter bunny came and laid lilac toned walls everywhere. Purple, y'all!!!

Look, I had this all figured out. First I bought the most beautiful color sample that looked perfect before applied, but it turned out way too tan on the walls. Close-ish. I just needed it to be a little lighter and a little more gray. No worries - got it. Basically moved over one column on the paint color pallet. We got a new sample, slapped swatches on two different walls, decided "perfect," bought 5 gallons and painted the downstairs. And then purple happened.

The light in our house changes ALL day, which means the color changes ALL day. I feel like I'm going crazy. There is no purple hint AT ALL in the sample or swatch. And maybe we just need to change the light bulbs, finish the floors, finish the kitchen updates, and add baseboards first to make this lilac nightmare go away, but for now I'm having mega trouble. There has been progress. Most of the time the walls look gray.

But that first impression of lilac is just stuck in my head. I can't see past purple, and it's killing my interior decorating vibe. I just want my warm gray / greige [insert crying emoji] on my walls, but at this point in time there's no going back. Lack of patience fail, sigh. Lavender, embrace.

***Another disclaimer: I  got a new phone, so hopefully my photos will improve. My actual camera broke, so currently my phone is all I have. But it's faster to use anyway.



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