Dog Disasters, Dog Run, Dog House

My two terrors called dogs have pushed about every limit possible lately. They do things like eat our shed door...

Or maybe even eat our shed wall...

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Or eat anything they possibly feel like eating, such as the electrical wiring for Jeff's trucks's tow package. It's bad enough we had to start shutting our garage door so that half of our garage wouldn't end up in the yard (or get eaten), but now we can't even trust the dogs in the yard.

My stepdad gave us some extra rot iron fence, and the pups' latest escapades + a slowly degrading yard had Jeff in a tizzy to put up a dog run... and finish it... quickly. He even taught himself to weld and had it complete in under a week.

The dogs just love us soooo much. We love them more :)

One day it rained, and since we hadn't built them a dog house yet, we left them in the yard so they could use the shed for coverage. That's when the hole happened.

I considered using it for a storm shelter or maybe tunneling my way to China. Possibly a burial ground? Seriously, there was not even yelling involved it was so bad.

What happened instead?

A shanty shelter to cover them from the rain. This make-shift dog house came together in one night. I've never seen Jeff so motivated. We're not quite sure what to call it, but it worked, temporarily, for shelter.

We planned to DIY a dog house, but eager to get the dogs a home, instead we found a local retired old man on Craigslist who was selling hand-built dog houses for a dime (ok, more than that, but still a steal).

Just needs a coat of paint or stain, and we'll be good to go.

Dog-free yard coming soon!


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  1. I know nothing of your lives or routines, but theses are actions of bored dogs! I also owns dog that needs a lot of excercise, and attention or she starts digging,everywhere! If I don't walk or play with.her enough,she starts barking,or digging or both,I love her to death,but sometimes?.......good luck :)

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