Reclaimed Wood Planter Box Fences - Part 2

Since our dog was using our non-planted-but-one-day-would-like-to have-plants-in-it planter box as digging grounds, I decided to make more reclaimed wood planter fences to protect it.

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I basically repeated the garden fence project - cut the wood, laid it out, assembled - except rather than using old fence pickets to make stakes, we used stakes that we already had in place for a failed chicken wire protective barrier. Since the stakes didn't match the reclaimed wood, I painted them red with Behr exterior "Apple Polish" red paint.

As before, after cuts were made, I laid out the fence sections on the ground and then drilled screws to assemble them.

Once all the sections were assembled, all I had to do was hammer them in place. That easy, right?

Not. Can I even begin to tell you how much physical force and time was used trying to drive these guys into the ground? It counted for the day's workout, that's for sure, and it didn't even work! I even tried to pre-dig the holes before putting them into the ground. Fail. After realizing the near impossibility of successfully doing this on my own (remember, this was supposed to be a ME project), I had to shorten the stakes. My muscles (or lack of) just weren't cutting it.

Jeff helped me with the cuts since my circular saw skills were nothing less than under par. The cuts weren't perfect - they didn't really have to be - and the shortened length made it possible for me to complete the final step, putting the fence sections into the ground.

Now we just need some shade-friendly plants to finish out our newly dog-proof planter box.



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