Reclaimed Wood Planter Box Fences - Part 1

We now have TWO puppies, which means our "garden" (this year just an herb garden) needed some protection from curious paws. Thus came these awesome reclaimed wood planter box fences.

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Deriving from fence pickets, particularly trash-ready fence pickets from a replaced section of our fence, this project rang in at a whopping $0.

A pile of scrap wood is absolute gold to me, whether it's for art or other project purposes. The tough part is not figuring out what to do with the wood, it's convincing my husband to let me hoard it. Luckily, before this handy pile was tossed, I used every last piece for my planter fences and for a few art boards (a later story).

These projects happened fairly quickly, boosted by a dash of motivation and eagerness to learn. "Learn?" you ask. Well, typically I'd have to beg my husband to make cuts for me and assemble these things, which means the project would have happened on his watch and not mine. Not this time. While he was away at the store, I dragged out all the necessary tools, unsuccessfully attempted to use them and forced him to teach me when he pulled into the driveway and approached an absolute mess. Success of the day - learning to use the table saw - by. my. self.

A miter saw would have been easier for most of my cuts, but who really wants to drag out two tools and have to learn double in one day? Not me.

For the first step, I measured the length of my garden area and cut all the boards to size (5 sections total). I then laid them out as evenly as possible, ready to assemble. (Remember, this was supposed to be a quick project, so you better believe no ruler or level was involved.)

I also cut some of the fence pickets in half length way (table saw savior) and cut points on the ends, creating stakes to drive into the ground.

I assembled the fence sections using screws and a drill, used some force (and husband help) to get them in the ground, and now have a well-protected garden area.

I started by making only two fence sections just to protect my planted pots from Mickie.

Then we decided to block off the entire garden area, which actually opened up the yard. Then we decided we might as well barricade our patio planter box too.

Stay tuned for part two - the patio planter box fence project.


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