PYRC #46: Latin Style Street Vendor Corn on the Cob

Mayo... and Frank's hot sauce... and parmesan cheese... and corn on the cob? Yeah, I probably wouldn't have pinned this recipe had I read the ingredients first, but it was Latin Style Street Vendor Corn on the Cob that caught my eye, and that's what hit he table.

Pardon the not so awesome photo per my iphone, fluorescent lighting and lack of "pretty" cooking. If you view the photo on the Frank's hot sauce website, you'll see what I tasted.
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Per normal, I didn't follow the rules. I stirred together the weird mayo/hot sauce concoction (well, there's more ingredients than that), slathered it on my corn with a butter knife (rather than tossing it) and topped it with not finely grated parmesan cheese. Saving myself from cleaning more dishes worked for me.

The result? Good. Amazing? No. Potentially amazing if I would have actually tossed my corn in the mixture? Maybe. Did my husband want seconds? Yes. Did he lick his fingers and plate? Probably behind my back. Am I biased toward good ole' fashion plain Jane corn on the cob? Yes. Will I make it again? Probably not. Why? Because I'm lazy and didn't quite taste the extra time/value-added benefit. For a larger gathering? Actually, maybe.

Unique, definitely. I think this would be great for a big foodie crowd sitting around a table. I think the effort would be worth it then, for the masses, but not for a lazy week night with just me and the hubby. I love corn enough already to not make it harder, even at a minimal level, for myself to eat.

Hope that assessment helps. Grab this Frank's hot sauce recipe from the Frank's website.

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