4 More Feet Added to the Fam

I love my dog to absolute death, but he might be one of the most annoying dogs ever, seriously. So what did we do to solve the problem? We added four more feet to the household.

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Because that makes sense, right?

Officially, meet Grims!

Why Grims, you ask? Because he's part gremlin, maybe mixed with a little wolverine. His growls are wicked.

Ok, being honest, I was not too fond of this little guy on day 1... at all. He was slow to open up, would growl at Mickie (and Mickie is anti-growler), didn't snuggle, and just didn't quite fit in. But I'm not sure who was being more territorial, Mickie or me!

The good news - we've made it past day 1, I've happily excepted Grims into the fam and little Grims is keeping Mickie more than entertained.

Ok, maybe too entertained.

Sadly these instances have happened one too many times in the past couple of weeks, and the pups' tag teamed terror has pushed our sanity to the max. However, they ARE keeping each other entertained and out of my direct hair, so goal #1 - check.

And even though their joint destruction is not very cute, their brotherly love definitely is.

Mushy gushy, huh?

I'm sure the next couple of months will be interesting to report. I kind of forget that I have a PUPPY that isn't potty trained (well, we're leaps and bounds better from day 1), needs all of his shots and requires a little extra TLC. Not to mention that we now have to address the attention getting terror from Mickie and puppy chew/curiosity problems from Grims.

Welcome family member number 4 to the Germenis household. Here we go again!

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