The Ennis National Polka Festival

Pivo, polka, party. 3 words that describe Ennis, Texas each year on Memorial Day Weekend. Why exactly? The Ennis National Polka Festival.

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Ennis is my hometown, a small country and Czech town nestled about 35 miles south of Dallas. Without regurgitating the history and demographics of Ennis, let's just say there a lot of Czech people there, my mother's family (the Kapaviks and Zabojniks) included. My great grandparents were from Czechoslovakia. My grandparents both spoke Czech. I grew  up eating lots of kolaches and klobase. And my future kiddos will be genetically lucky enough to carry on 25% of it. Family history, check. Polka next.

The National Polka Festival takes place in Ennis on Memorial Day Weekend each year. Events start Friday evening with a polka dance contest, dubbing the winners Polka Fest King and Queen.

Saturday is followed by a polka run, parade, festival vendors, food, Czech dancing at the the halls, and a Texas country music concert.

Sunday is followed by more vendors and food, Czech dancing at the halls, and ultimately capped by an infamous Brave Combo concert.

Throughout the weekend, you won't be surprised to find tons of booze (pivo), Czech costumes, polka music and dancing, and anyone and everyone being Czech for a day. It's something the town looks forward to each and every year - whether it's an excuse to hang out with your family, indulge in Czech-ness, party, or bring friends into town - and it's definitely something I've taken for granted over the years. Who would have thought Ennis could be so unique :) 

Dig deeper into Polka Fest by visiting the National Polka Festival or the Visit Ennis website.

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