More Random Shopping at Ross

I have a Ross addiction. Say what you want because I already know, and I don't care. I can easily waste my entire lunch hour mindlessly wandering the aisles, pondering if I need things that I don't really need at all. The mark downs just get me every time (total sucker)! I went in before vacation to buy Mickie a dog outfit for the Texas Rangers Bark in the Park night. I found one... for $3.99... and about 5 other things.

Mickie's baseball tee - $3.99
Raw hides for Mickie - $7.99
New chew toy for Mickie - $2.99
Awesome bamboo beach mat for vacation - $2.99
Sheer black top - $8.99
Black strappy sandals - $12.99

And, in a different earlier visit, I found great planter pots. (They always have such good deals for ceramic pots.)

Medium size green ceramic pot - $12.99
Extra large size ceramic pots - $39.99

(I didn't buy any oversized ones this time, simply because they were too heavy to carry to my car. Next time!)

I always find these trips entertaining (although Jeff may not). Walk in for one thing, walk out with another. Of course shopping with intention never quite works as planned. Ross for me is impulse (dangerously), but at least in this instance I walked out with what I came in for - a baseball outfit for Mickie. Aside from the strangely freezing cold weather in April, we had the best time at Bark in the Park that night with our little guy.

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