PYRC #42: Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls

One word - buffalo. Buffalo anything for me, yes, please! This dinner night was composed of baked buffalo chicken rolls and cranberry, avocado, almond salad with sweet white balsamic vinaigrette. I'll share the salad in a part 2 post. Both recipes are completely worth the read. New favorites? I think so.

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WHY did I wait so long to make these? I've been eyeballing these little guys for a LONG time, but my unfamiliarity of egg roll wrappers steered me clear for quite some time. Well thank goodness that episode is over because egg roll wrappers and I are now BFFs... only after a unruly struggle hunting them.

If you haven't already guessed, these rolls are made with egg roll wrappers . Well, when shopping, I couldn't find egg roll wrappers to save my life. Sprouts (the first visit) - no. Walmart - no. Target - no. World Market - no. Central Market - out if stock. THEN I learned I wasn't even looking in the right place. Egg roll wrappers are found in either the refrigerated or frozen section (guilty of not reading the entire recipe... or asking a store associate for help). I finally called Sprouts, they had them, and Jeff picked them up for me. Lesson learned: egg roll wrappers are NOT in the Asian cuisine aisle. (They are also not the same as spring roll wrappers, which are made out of rice, if you're curious.)

This recipe is not necessarily hard, but it can take a little time since it has multi-steps: cook chicken, prepare shredded buffalo chicken, assemble rolls with blue cheese and cabbage, bake, serve with dressing (we used ranch dressing rather than blue cheese) and eat!

For the chicken, we marinated and grilled it, shredded it with our nifty KitchenAid mixer, and mixed it with Franks Wing Sauce (rather than the called-for regular Franks hot sauce).

Next came assembling the wraps. The measurements are quite subjective, and once you catch the gist, it's easy to eyeball the fillings without measuring each and every step. We overstuffed a few of our rolls, and they turned out A-ok (even though the recipe says not to do that… just make sure you have enough room to seal all sides of your wrapper).

I did have issues with baking them because I'm pretty sure I turned the oven OFF when I thought I had turned the timer ON. Thus I had to double the cooking time. If not for that, our rolls might have been a bit crispier.

IN CONCLUSION, we LOVED these buffalo chicken wraps (yes, that means Jeff too), and I am so thankful I worked out my egg roll wrapper issues because I may now be an egg roll making machine - baked, fried, twist on ingredients - endless possibilities. We even had leftover wrappers to seal and stow away for next time.

Thank you to Stay for Dinner for sharing these awesome baked buffalo chicken rolls. The recipe can be found HERE.

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