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Oh goodness, these past few weeks have been absolutely wacko - too much going on at work and too much going on outside of work - hence the reason I'm blogging in my bed at midnight from my iPhone (forgive any errors). I had (have) some fresh posts in the pipeline for the blog, including my 7-day detox water, a not-so-out-of-the-ordinary impulse Ross shopping trip, and my first visit to Canton, but I just couldn't quite get to them before vacation (yehaw, only one more day)! Soooo, instead, here's my life lately.

Suprise 50th birthday party for my aunt Anna. New bridal shower invitation for Kitsy Co. Petty Theft (Tom Petty cover band) concert at the Dallas Arboretum... which happened to be moved indoors due to 40 degree, rainy weather. An amazing, delicious night at Chicken Scratch. Our spiffy new pool that was too cold to sit in. Finally planted my herbs. New ice cream birthday invitation. Bark in the Park at Texas Rangers Ballpark... sadly again 40 and rainy (ugh). Pizza biscuits and peanut butter m&ms bars for our Purtis State Park camping trip. Cinco de Mayo at my moms... in the bluebonnets. Mini fruit pizza cups as a celebratory going away dessert for a co-worker (Erin, tear)... not to mention the not shown jewelry brunch, crawfish boil, work lunches and events, bicycle shopping, landscape shopping, new swimming hobby, etc.

So yes, lots happening, and quite a bit more than what I captured on Instagram! One more city proposal, a Lone Star Park party and a dress fitting away from vacation.

Did I mention only one day till we leave for the Cayman Islands?!?! Much. Needed. Vacation. So ready and will have tons to share when I get back! XOXO

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