What's Happening at the House

It has been a while since I've posted a house update, so I thought I'd take some time to share what's been going on. Since I knew March was going to be such a busy month for us, I anticipated well beforehand that we'd be spending our time looking for furniture for our house, getting the bedrooms set up, and working on our yard. While the bedrooms are still not as put together as I'd like them to be, we have made tremendous progress, and we can actually have people come over without having to clarify why our house looks like (a) a construction zone or (b) a storage unit.

Bedrooms and Furniture

I had no idea how difficult it would be to pick out furniture. While we are far from having a perfectly furnished home, I am excited to finally see our furniture coming together, piece by piece. Our first target room was our master bedroom.

We found mattresses at the Sears Presidents' Day sale, a king bed at World Market (an exceptional steal by the way), and our quilt at Anthropologie. When we were able to put it all together and hang our first piece of art, I finally felt like I was at home.

This last week we finally found new night stands from Tuesday Morning.

We're excited to add them to collection. All we need next is a dresser, but finding the perfect oversized piece with endless drawer space has thus far seemed almost impossible.

As far as the other rooms, we traded my grandmother a curio cabinet we found on Craigslist for her vintage record player.

And while searching for the curio cabinet from Craigslist, we also found a kitchen hutch steal that will be perfect for a makeover.

We are also mid-process of redoing some drab brown shelves that we inherited with our house and plan to use in our office.

And finally, while not furniture, we put up blinds in our bedrooms!

The Yard and Plants

I must admit, Jeff has been working extremely hard in the yard for quite some time, and just in the past couple of weeks I've started to join him.

We dug out our planter box, put up plastic to protect the wall of our house, and then filled it with new dirt and rocks.

I intended to plant tomatoes and peppers in the newly refilled planter box but then realized that it just doesn't get enough sunlight. Instead my MeMaw wants to get us some flowers that grow well in the shade.

My Mom and MeMaw were actually over this past weekend to help me plant away. We planted tomatoes, peppers, basil, sunflowers, and some leafy greens.

I'm very excited to see if anything actually grows, especially since I have historically not had a very green thumb. Hopefully using the water from our awesome new rain barrel will help.

Also when Mom and MeMaw came, they brought me my massive "Brad plant" that has been staying with MeMaw for the past 9 months. In order to accommodate its ridiculous growth over the past two years, we transferred the beast from the pot on the left to the pot on the right.

The plant, which derived from a plant my mother received 10.5 years ago, just keeps growing.

Not So Lucky

While sometimes it feels like we're making progress, other time it feels like we just keep taking steps back. We had to have a plumber over to unclog our antique drains since drain-o and a snake would not work. While at the house we also had him check out a couple of other things. In unfortunate news we learned that a shower leak in a our master bath can only be fixed by ripping out the shower and replacing the drain pipe. A bittersweet moment considering that we really wanted to update the not-very-functional bathroom but did not really want to foot the bill. Looks like we have no choice now.

We also learned the the hot water and pressure issue in our kitchen sink was due to a crappy faucet. So we had to suck it up and buy a new one (but we really do love it).

And in other negative events, our washer broke. Fortunately though, we think it only needs a new coupler, a $35 part.

So nonetheless we have been initiated into true homeowners over the past couple of months, and we now have a second mortgage that we pay to Home Depot, lol. Thank goodness We were at least warned of this before we bought the house.

But to end this post on a more positive note, we've set the date for early June to remodel our living room, dining room and hallway! Can't wait!

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  1. Love to see your progress! You are very talented, energetic, creative, and a great writer. Keep up the hard work, which you do with such love and passion! Love you 2!

  2. Great write up - you are so creative & I know you love every minute of remodeling, etc. in your new home with your new husband & new life - You both have so much in common - that is wonderful - what a way to live a Happy Married Life!!!

    Love You Both!!!


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