PYRC #8: Creamy Grilled Chicken Piccata

Can you say yum yum yum yum yum? This Pinterest recipe was a definite score for me and currently stands at the top of my Pinterest recipe list. I have no doubt that it will remain a top contender throughout my Pinterest Yummy Recipe Challenge (PYRC). I could have never guessed how delicious this pasta and chicken would be, but considering that it originated from The Pioneer Woman cooking show, I really shouldn't have been surprised.

So what exactly did we have this weekend? Creamy Grilled Chicken Piccata.

A pasta in a creamy parmesan lemon caper sauce served with grilled chicken marinated in lemon and garlic. You basically marinate and grill chicken, mix the sauce ingredients and then toss it with penne pasta.

Some of the best things about this recipe were (a) it was not complicated, (b) I had almost every ingredient already in my kitchen and (c) team effort - Jeff got to grill outside while I got to cook in the kitchen.

Comments and feedback:
  • I think I erred somewhere with the sauce because my parmesan was not melted... don't worry if this happens to you though because it tastes all the same
  • It's kind of ridiculous (in a good way) what the garlic and lemon flavors add to this recipe
  • While Jeff and I suck at following measurements, we stayed on the straight and narrow with these instructions and didn't feel the need to add our own steps or extra ingredients
  • Love this recipe just the way it is and recommend you trying it at least once "as is" before mixing in other random ingredients or steps
  • The chicken marinade alone was a hit (props to the minced garlic), and we will be using it again and again
  • Paired perfectly with red wine!

So I think I'm done ranting... I think. I just want to make sure you know how successful this recipe was. It sounds too simple to be so good, but don't be fooled, you must try it. A winner for all, for sure.

Do yourself a favor and grab the recipe HERE from Plain Chicken.

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