Labor Day Weekend at Inks Lake

We spent Labor Day weekend with my husband's family at Inks Lake State Park outside of Austin.

Both Jeff's parents and now his brother have RVs, so camping is definitely something close to heart with the Germenis family. I think this trip in particular, of all of them, has been my favorite... and it was right in Austin's backyard.

Why so much fun? Water (a total Texas heat weapon).

First of all, our RV spot was right along the shore and we had direct access to the lake. It was super shallow for quite away off the bank which was perfect for casual floating, water games and the kids.

Secondly, we had five kayaks of our own, so we could freely explore the lake whenever we wanted.

And third, Inks Lake is home to a popular cliff jumping spot that brings in day trippers from all over - Devil's Waterhole.

Devil's Waterhole is a small extension of Inks Lake, which is almost completely surrounded by rock. You can hike there, kayak there, swim, picnic, cliff jump (at your own risk), you name it. Friday afternoon we had the place practically to ourselves. Saturday and Sunday it was packed with people of all ages.

The first day I hiked there, I decided to take a detour with the dogs, and curiosity led me to a fabulous secret leash-free dog zone. Ok, I guess technically it wasn't secret or officially leash-free, but the place was hidden, no one was around, you had to climb over a Enchanted Rock-esque hill to get there AND there was (sketchy) shallow water the dogs could (carefully) frolic in (because we might have seen a small snake in it). My dogs needed some freedom, and this was the perfect spot.

Our little rock hideaway at the top right corner of this picture. Found it by hiking up and over this hill.

Random pockets of water around. Some spots were "ok." Other spots I wouldn't even let the dogs go in.

Dogs seriously loved it. They were running circles all over the place.

And last but not least, the sunsets were at Inks Lake were UN.REAL. One evening I just sat in my kayak on the water and stared.

I don't know if it's always like this, but our Labor Day visit was perfect.



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