Wood Texas Art Piece #2

My favorite art piece ever is the reclaimed Texas piece I created last summer using only scraps from our house remodel. It was mixed media heaven for me - wood scraps, paint, drawing, imagination, power tools, etc. And ever since I made that piece (of course to keep for our own house), I've been itching to make more. Well, this past year has been a whirlwind, but #benefitnate was the perfect excuse to amp up again. Low and behold my most recent baby - Texas art piece #2.

A feeling of true accomplishment.

This guy sold well in the #benefitnate live auction, and despite the fact that I didn't personally receive compensation for it, it was very rewarding to hear and see people bid on something that made.

A big difference this go-around was that I worked with easier scraps (a cleaner pallet and fence wood), so I didn't have to spend as much time prepping the materials as I did last time. I also didn't have the rookie learning curve I had last summer. AND Jeff helped with some of the physical labor, like ripping the initial pallet, so it sped up the process.

Wood scraps before... painted... distressed

Traced the Texas with a projector and then used my NEW jig saw to cut

Ready for assembly

Next, I really will be making some pieces for sell. Currently on the table for a trial run are: two pallet Texas longhorns, a Texas cut out on a birch base (instead of a pallet), and a USA cut out on a birch base. We're hoping some non-pallet versions will give us a second, more economical (and smaller) option to offer. I even bought a new jig saw to get started, and I couldn't be more excited.


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