Doggie Den Refresh - The Ruff House

We got a sweet deal on a custom-made dog house. Seriously, if you're in need of a dog house, in the Dallas area, don't want to pay major bucks at a pet store or don't feel like undertaking a DIY project, we found a retired guy from Forney on Craigslist who builds custom dog houses.

One catch - it's built with untreated wood, which means it needed a coat of paint or stain. We chose an oil-latex Behr redwood stain.

But just staining it wasn't good enough for me. We needed to make this Mickie and Grims' home. Welcome to the Ruff House!

Ha! Not prefect, as I scrambled to paint in the dwindling sunlight, but I think it's pretty funny. And if we ever need to change it, we can sand it down and re-stain/paint, or just paint over it. Total staining/painting time? 1-1.5 hours. Quick way to add a little personality to your yard.

If interested in building a dog house - which we probably would of done had we not been pressed for time - here's a tutorial from Lowes... or just Google dog house plans!



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