Officially a Dog Mom... and Lots of Other Things

Yup, it's true. I am now officially a mom... to a dog... to a Saint Bernard to be exact.

No, Toby was not a profound decision that Jeff and I came to one day. Actually, he wasn't really a decision at all. Jeff and his roommate adopted Toby in college.

Toby and I my last month in Austin

Then Jeff moved away and Toby lived with Jeff's roommate. Then Jeff's roommate moved away and into an apartment and left Toby with his mom. And quickly after that, Jeff received a call from his roommate's mom to come get the dog... that was two weeks ago.

Since then Toby has already proven true every fear I have had regarding getting a dog, including being sick and costing money.

But also since then, he has stolen my heart. I could never purposely neglect or have ill feelings towards an old dog who just needs some TLC. So applause for me for giving in, sucking it up and joining the dog club.

On another note, even though Toby is slow and old, it didn't stop him on day 1 from digging up my bell pepper plants that had recently sprouted.

Not a problem though... as long as the rest of my sprouts stay in tact, especially my tomatoes and basil, which, by the way, are doing great!

And considering we planted so late in the game, I'm very proud of every one of my sprouting plants.

Peppers, swiss chard, spinach, sunflowers

For my first planting efforts, if I can use any of these in a meal, just once, I'll call it a success. Our backyard isn't the only happening thing around the house though. We finally found a dresser.

Trestlewood Dresser by Progressive Furniture

After finding it online from a store in California, calling the manufacturer, calling a local wholesaler, calling a local retailer, and then finally contacting the wholesaler again, the wholesaler cordially agreed to sell it to us. Yay yay yay! And now my high school freshman furniture set is officially in the guest bedroom.

We also adopted some more furniture in the past couple of weeks from Jeff's grandmother's house.

Teak chairs that Jeff refinished in college
A desperately needed filing cabinet... to be DIYed one day
Cool yard art that is perfect in our backyard
A buffet to be DIYed into a tv console
I'm also almsot done with my bookshelf DIY project that will be posted soon.

And for the most exciting piece of news... our hallway/living/dining room remodel timeline has been set! Now = prep prep prep. June 2 & 3 = family help days and kick-off. The week after = Jeff and I off to work work work. And after that = finish it out.

Hooray for prep officially starting this weekend! Wish us much luck and motivation! We need it.

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