Brain (and Life) Overload

A horoscope break down once described Pisces as "overwhelmed by the enormity of the universe." Well, as I lie here in bed unable to sleep, I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the universe. I'm a hobby hopper, idea junkie, daydreamer and everything in between. I think, I brainstorm, I do and do and do. Then repeat.

I've spent the past two days at the Dallas Digital Summit. The conference was (for the second year in a row) great. I met Siri (yes, there's a human behind the voice and her name is Susan), got great tips and advice from Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg's sis), and was lucky enough to hear THE Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, speak.

I also heard many other great speakers and walked away with... brain overload (as if digital overload at a digital summit isn't enough).

In the past two days the following has crossed my mind:

  • Further specializing in social media strategy... or maybe it's really content marketing that I'm passionate about... or maybe this whole digital thing really isn't my thing and it's design that I need to focus on... or really just being a marketing strategist.
  • We really need a content marketing strategy at work. I got it! Let me map out a monthly editorial calendar, with themed topics for each month and think of all the possible content types we could push out regarding that topic (seriously, I did this), even though this is not even a speckle of a to-do on the laundry list of to-do's I have going at work.
  • Amping up my blog content (yeah right, I think about this all the time). Switching PYRC to a Pinsday Wednesday... and making it a link party... or how about Frugal Friday for a link party - "Projects on a budget?" I need to do more how-to's, tips and lists. "How to decorate on a dime." "Top 10 favorite kitchen gadgets." "5 spices I can't live without." Gosh, I really need an editorial calendar. I need better content. Are my recipe shares a total waste of time? I really should be using analytics.
  • Brainstormed tons of new items to add to my Etsy Shop... on top of all the other tons of items that are in queue. I can be the random wedding printables queen. Can I even get a share of that market? Gotta finish those art pieces this weekend! Because I was supposed to be the art queen... but then all of those other digital ideas kept getting in the way.... maybe I should put my Etsy shop on vacation for a couple of months to breathe (this was 20 minutes ago)... Nah...
  • New sites! New sites! - I can submit all of these innovations I've been brewing for years and possibly make money. Task Rabbit - I can make money doing chores for random people. Or Jeff can. Or I can find people to help me! Custom - OMG, I can now push my wood art out on this. I need to to sign up as a maker and make a profile. My uncle should do it too for his wood and metal work. 99Designs - I can jump in on ad-hoc design contests and possibly WIN money?!? [After I create a profile, draft a submission and become engulfed].... "Dang. I'm good at this. New addiction. Future design superstar."
  • Oh yeah, Minted has submission contests too. Due 12/16. Thought of like 10 ideas last week. Better not forget to get those in.
  • Oh yeah, Christmas gifts. Do I even have everything yet? What? Christmas is in two weeks?
  • So much to do coming up. Double dog appointment tomorrow, working remotely Friday - texture guy coming, birthday party Saturday, MUST FINISH all those random house projects Sunday, like 20 of them. MUST MUST MUST. (Not even prepared to say why.) Don't forget to go visit my cousin this weekend too, while in Dallas. Before the party? After? Don't forget... Ewww, I have roots.
  • My workout schedule is totally out of whack (or minimally existent). Hot yoga. Gym. Cycling. Swimming. Running. Boot camp. Weights. Nada, none, zip, zilch.
  • I need better personal social media and to do a better job of social media monitoring. I'm really just using the Kitsy Co name for personal use. Wait, what's my Twitter brand? I blog. I have an Etsy shop. I design and do social media. And I'm Kendra. That's like 4 totally different angles. I should hire a consultant one day to figure me out.
  • My iPhone still needs to be synced and updated. Noooooooooooo!!!!
  • Like 80 other things too. Those family/friend design requests, and cleaning, and returns, and Christmas gifts (again), and Christmas cards, and that pile of mail/to-do's on the table... Oh my gosh my car is still wrecked. Call insurance... When's the last time I checked my bank account. Do I have any bills due? Oh yeah, two holiday parties next week.

Y'all!!! This is what's going on in my head... and why at the moment I can't go to sleep. I don't even think I covered it all, sheesh. I'm drowning in a self-inflicted world of to-do's and desperately need about 80 checks off my list and then a long weekend of husband, family and wine!

With all that said, I'm on a blog backlog of like 20 posts, no joke. At this pace, I may never get through them, but that's ok. The reality is that I can't possibly do it all (even though that breaks my heart because I love this blog). Something's gotta give. I'll get there. Determined.

Forgive any errors. It's late. Going to sleep, finally!!!

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